Hacks To Increase Productivity: Get More Done In Less Time

19 Oct 2023

The productivity of a company's team plays an important role in its profitability and competitiveness. Increase productivity levels and you can expect to generate higher profits without increasing headcount.

Productivity: Know The Importance

The productivity of a company's team plays an important role in its profitability and competitiveness. Increase productivity levels and you can expect to generate higher profits without increasing headcount. This increases long-term success in competitive markets. Therefore, it is important for business leaders to understand how productivity at work works. Productivity is a measure of business performance that shows how efficiently people, industries, businesses, and the economy are putting inputs to give the best output.

Productivity Can Be Increased By 5 Basic Hacks

There are only so many hours in the day, so making the most of your time is essential. There are usually two ways to increase productivity: one is to work longer hours. The second is to work smarter. Well, how many of you would prefer the latter.

Being more productive isn't rocket science, but it does require you to take a closer look at how you manage your time. Productivity is the essence to reach the desired goal. This blog will guide you through 5 simple yet effective strategies to increase productivity at work.

Productivity Hack #1- Clarifying Actual Expectations

It is important to set expectations but only the actual ones. Do not set goals that you won’t be able to achieve right away. Break bigger tasks into smaller goals to make it achievable. In this way, you will be able to meet deadlines and complete tasks in a much faster way. This is a good hack to increase productivity and getting things done in the easiest way.

Productivity Hack #2- Templates and Checklists

Did you know 95% of people believe that making a daily to-do list is good for their mental health? A to-do list is a great way to stay productive because it allows you to outline everything you want to accomplish and gives you goals to work toward. However, old paper to-do lists tend to get lost or damaged. A project management system or to-do list template is a much better way to keep track of your tasks. With Slikk’s to-do feature is a great productivity tool, you can add as many items to your to-do list as you like, and assign each to-do a date, person, and any possible notes or attachments.

Productivity Hack #3- Set Deadlines To Increase Productivity

You never want to spend too much time on a given task, so give yourself a specific time to get something done. Specify the date and time to do it. This will give you a healthy sense of urgency and encourage you to manage your time well. Pro Tip: Check your time to see how long it takes to complete the given tasks so you can create manageable and realistic deadlines. Or maybe you can just set a timer to see which tasks are taking longer and if there is any scope for improvement. Once you are aware of the shortfall, you exactly know what you need to do. This is how you can increase productivity in the best way possible.

Productivity Hack #4- Hard Tasks First For Work Productivity

Increase productivity by doing the harder tasks first. Spending time on things that you consider worthwhile is clearly rewarding. However, if it turns out later that the work doesn't align with your goals, you can quickly feel defeated and deflated. Check periodically to see if the tasks you've spent your time working on are really necessary and if they're actually contributing to larger goals or not. When you choose hard tasks, you give them a priority and it is done with utmost caution. Hence, half of your job gets done in the early phase! In this way, you can increase productivity.

Productivity Hack #5- Color Coding By Priority

If you manage one calendar and multiple schedules, color coding can be a lifesaver. Create a similar calendar by drawing a grid and numbering the days. You can do this on a wall-mounted calendar. You can also have a digital approach. There are many productivity tools available that give you this option. It not only gives you flexibility but also keeps you on track and helps you know the progress of every task.

Slikk: Best Productivity Tool To Use

Productivity tools help teams communicate more effectively and work on common tasks/projects together. Slikk seamlessly works in understanding what your team needs to offer the best output. Slikk works for everyone. Whether you are a small team, a big team, or any type of industry, Slikk proves to be the best project management tool. Productivity can be increased by many folds only with Slikk!


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