Principles Of Project Management: Quick But Informative Guide

Project Management
01 Jul 2023

Project management members are the ones who actively work on one or extra levels of the assignment. They can be an in-house group of workers or consultants.

What Is The Role Of The Project Management Team?

Project management members are the ones who actively work on one or extra levels of the assignment. They can be an in-house group of workers or consultants. Project team member roles can differ with every assignment

The role of project management teams are-

  • Contributing to project objectives 
  • Completing deliverables 
  • Documenting the process
  • Offering expertise 

Working with customers to set up and meet business needs

What Are The 7 Principles Of Project Management To Follow?

Principle of commitment

The client for whom the assignment has been developed must have a clear concept of what they require and the way they need the deliverables to be. The goals set should be clear as per the client’s requirement and the project schedule should be prepared in a way that the deadline is achieved before time. Commitment to the project is an integral part in project management and continuous monitoring is what a project manager should do. 

Principle of project planning

Projects should have a formalized structure, which includes procedures, processes, and tools. If you`ve ever attempted to finish a challenge without a formalized structure, you understand how difficult it would be to achieve and control it. A project life cycle has many stages but the most important one is project planning. It is only when you have a plan, you will be able to execute it and to have a good plan, you can always take the help of project templates.

Principle of Structure

If there is no formal structure for the project, then the project can go in any direction due to a lack of proper control. Therefore, a project should have proper planning, a formal structure, and a designated team. All this ensures that the project is prioritized and well-managed. Take your time to understand the project and its needs. Only then you will be able to achieve the desired result. 

Principle of Communication

To successfully achieve goals, effective communication is a key factor that project managers must keep in mind when formulating a strategy. This is why we can say that effective and efficient communication is the foundation of any type of project management. Many projects fail due to inefficiencies or lack of communication. Communication is one of the most important project management skills that a project manager should possess. 

Principle of project life cycle

Project life cycle management is a methodology based on years of development that focuses on organizing and planning projects through fundamentals and defined phases. This process includes project inception through planning and implementation. Cycles have many advantages. 

  • Clear and measurable goals 
  • Well-calculated risk 
  • Efficient resource management 
  • Improve efficiency, save time and money 
  • Better ability to meet expectations 
  • The most effective rate of project completion and handover on time

Principle of Risk

Since we can't execute tasks in a bubble, all of them face a few risks. Risk can have an effect on your resources, technology, or processes. It's criticalto manage risks to limit or do away with their impact on your tasks. This includes identifying, evaluating, and tracking threats and figuring out plans to put them into effect as and when they occur. Good project management tools have the ability to showcase what is in the future for you with various stats. This helps you communicate with the team and avoid any such difficulties during the project process

Principle of Accountability

Accountability is nothing but ownership of outcomes. You are responsible for what you do in simple words. Hence, when you manage projects it becomes crucial to how you plan them, the team members you choose, the activities delegated on a priority basis, and many more. At times things become messy and project managers become overwhelmed with so many tasks revolving around them. Hence, having a vision of smart work with the least mistakes can help project managers sail through various projects.

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