Principles of Time Management

Time Management
03 Jan 2024

"The key is in not spending time, but in investing it." - Stephen R. Covey

It is often a struggle to juggle between work and life. You tend to spend more time on work, getting things done, and meeting deadlines. Also, it is seen that due to poor time management skills, you push all your chores towards the weekend. Yes, the pressure is real but tackling it is possible when you know the principles of time management.

Time Management For Better Team Management

Well, everything revolves around time. When you have a plan, a good team, and a good software solution, you can always cope with almost anything. 

If you are managing a team or a project, it is often seen that things go haywire at some point in time. It becomes difficult to manage meetings, tasks, and activities, and motivate the employees. 

It would be such a blessing to have one solution to all the problems faced in an organization, isn’t it? Well, Slikk is a time management tool that ensures to retain the principles of time management and helps firms work proactively to reach milestones with ease.  

10 Principles of Time Management

The following tips might be the basic principles of time management that you may already know. However, not putting it into action can bring you back to where you were. Thus, it is imperative that you follow the principles of time management to see the magic happening. 


The basis of doing anything starts with planning. Take a few minutes to plan your routine before you implement things. Minimize distractions as much as you can to focus on planning. Use a time management tool that helps you with-

  • Recording the information
  • Reviewing your plan
  • Listing your priorities
  • Nudging to help you get your task done
  • Backup system to never lose important tasks

Organizing Your Work: Key To Time Management

Make a to-do list on a daily/weekly/monthly basis as per your lifestyle. You may rank the items on the basis of priority as low, medium, and high. You should also know that there is a small difference between important and urgent tasks. The most important task doesn’t necessarily mean urgent tasks and vice-versa. Hence, know what lies ahead and how to go about it to lower your burden. Slikk is a time management tool helping you organize your work the right way. 

Concentrate On One Thing 

We try to complete everything in a given time. Trying to accomplish multiple goals can lead to errors and fewer chances to succeed. Multitasking is not a bad idea, but to achieve success the trick is to concentrate on one thing at a time. This ensures more focus, productivity, and time management. Try it today and see the difference.

Avoid Distraction For Better Time Management

 Time management fails when you are distracted most of the time. Here are common tips that you can avoid-

  • Unscheduled phone calls and messages can be a big distraction. You may either switch off your phone or keep it on silent mode.
  • Noise cancellation headsets can work if you are sitting at a place where there is too much noise.
  • Taking short breaks can improve concentration and help you feel relaxed. 
  • Try avoiding social media as much as possible while you are in the middle of important work. 

Slikk ensures you are well ahead of your time by giving you notifications and nudging you at the right time for better prioritization of work.

Breaking A Project Into Smaller Tasks 

Big tasks/projects can seem insurmountable. A project can be huge and complex. It is not possible to accomplish the entire thing at once. In order to plan a project, you need to estimate time accordingly. Also, it is important to break your project into smaller tasks and assign them to the team members as per their caliber. This helps in the faster completion of projects with almost no errors. This is one of the effective time management techniques you can follow

Time Management Is All About Making Realistic Schedules

You may plan your schedule a week before to get a complete idea of your to-dos. Slikk’s Kanban and Gantt Chart lets you schedule your work in the most organized way. This is how time management skills can be achieved. Understand which tasks fall under high priority to get your work done early.

Delegate Your Work 

If you know that few of your tasks can be handled by other members of your team then start delegating. Delegation does not mean running away from your work. It simply means that when you divide work, more productivity is achieved, and also time is managed in the best way. Always be specific when you define your tasks and expectations. In this way, you will be successful in time management.

You can try Slikk to manage work smoothly. Slikk is task management software that manages teams and ensures that everyone is working at their full potential. 

Create A Daily Master List For Effective Time Management

A master list is a powerful tool to maximize productivity to many folds. It is one of the best ways to achieve smart goals. Create your daily list and start writing down every single task that is required to complete over the course of the day. Share the doc with your team members and let them know which tasks are pending. 

Giving Each Task A Time Limit 

Yes, this is important. You cannot spend the entire time on a single task and expect time management. Always give each task a time limit and ensure that work is done within that time. In this way, multiple tasks can be completed in a day giving you a sense of accomplishment. Slikk lets you assign tasks and time to your team members to know their progress in real-time. Get 360 degree visibility of your project for better decision-making. 

Using Good Software For Better Time Management 

Maintaining a planner or a diary is good when you have smaller tasks to complete. However, bigger projects demand more employees and more planning and execution. In such cases, the software can play an important role to get all your things done systematically. 

When you have Slikk as your time management tool, you can always stay connected with your members remotely, know how much work is pending, and get daily reminders for the tasks undone. Get introduced to features like Kanban Boards, Gantt Charts, Reporting and Analytics, Docs, Imports, 360-degree visibility, and many more when you book a demo with us. 


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