Optimize Workflows with Slikk's Task Management Software

Experience seamless efficiency in your daily operations with Slikk's Task Management Software. Streamline tasks, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity as you optimize workflows effortlessly.

Our Clients

Illustration showing product feature

Task Details at a Glance

Get comprehensive insights with task details in Pods, featuring descriptions, collaborators, priority, due dates, and task status for enhanced visibility and efficient task management.

Deep Dive into Analytics

Gain deeper insights into team workload and completion rates through robust task analytics and reporting.

Illustration showing product feature
Illustration showing product feature

Interactive Feedback and Suggestions

Foster collaboration with a dedicated comments section, allowing team members to provide feedback and suggestions directly on tasks

Don't just take our word for it

Slikk is the solution that I found to be the best fit for how we work. It’s customizable enough for each person on the team to easily see the bigger picture and get things done.

- Bernard
CEO at MyRevealer

Slikk is an impressive online tool for managing projects, tasks, workloads, and more, automatically and dynamically scheduling work for your whole team, even as factors change.

- Himanshu Puri
COO at GrabGuidance

We use Slikk to increase our team’s efficiencies and track our projects in each stage of the marketing funnel. It’s been invaluable to track all of our work and conversations in one place.

- Mayank Singh
CEO at Supersourcing

One Platform to Boost Productivity and Collaboration

Slikk helps you get more tasks done in less time. It's everything you need to work faster, communicate better, and improve productivity in a single workspace.

Slikk Is a Powerful Task Management Software

Slikk’s Task management software offers a complete list of task descriptions, due dates, departments, task types, priorities, and status to give you a complete view of how things are operating. This makes the manager’s task easy and faster with lesser bugs to follow. This type of detailed work ensures minimal to no mistakes and improves the delivery rate.

Slikk’s Task Management Tool Has Attractive Key Features

Sync tasks with Slikk’s calendar and never miss any task. Get instant notifications to help you proceed with various tasks at the right time without any delay. Understand who is ahead and who is lagging behind and make necessary changes to boost productivity. Slikk is the best task management software that has an easy interface that can be used by any organization. Start your free trial now to see drastic improvements in your firm. 

Enhance Your Projects with Slikk's Task Management Software

At Slikk.ai, we understand the vital role that effective project management plays in the success of any endeavour. Our Project Management Software is designed to provide you with a comprehensive solution that goes beyond the basics, and at the heart of it lies our powerful Task Management feature. This feature serves as the backbone of streamlined project execution, simplifying the intricate web of tasks, deadlines, and team collaboration. With Slikk's Task Management, you can effortlessly plan, assign, and monitor tasks, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

View The Way You Want With Slikk’s Task Tracker

Task management software allows members to view tasks in the form of Kanban boards and Gantt charts. Know your to-dos, tasks in progress, reviews, and the tasks completed for a clear overview of the ongoing project. Kanban boards are like sticky notes to note down all the tasks for the day or for the upcoming days. Gantt chart tools are in a tabular form that can be segregated by month, week, or day to have a quick view of all the tasks.

Enhance Task Management with Slikk's Kanban Board

Enhance your task management experience with Slikk's Kanban view, a dynamic and intuitive feature that revolutionizes project organization. In the realm of efficient project management, effective task management is paramount, and our Kanban view seamlessly complements our robust software to empower you like never before.

With Kanban view, you can visualize your tasks' workflow like never before. It offers a bird's-eye view of your projects, allowing you to create custom columns that represent different stages of your workflow, such as "To-Do," "In Progress," and "Completed." This visual representation simplifies tracking task progress, making it easier to manage workloads and prioritize tasks effectively.

Slikk’s Task Management Makes Collaboration With Teams Easy

Keep everyone looped in on tasks and projects with a task management tool. 

  • Assign tasks to your team 
  • An overview of the team's workload
  • Know how much work is completed
  • Create groups and start communicating

Our task tracker lowers your burden of work along with boosting productivity to a great level. Try Slikk today to learn more about our task management feature.


Will Slikk’s task management software reduce my administrative tasks?

Yes, Slikk helps in recharging your productivity. You can work your way, level-up your efficiency, and eliminate the need for status check-ins.

Can I connect my tools with Slikk?

Yes, you can connect all your tools with Slikk. Stay plugged into the tools that you use every day to enjoy powerful task management without leaving your usual apps.

How Does Slikk's Task Management Benefit Start-up Projects?

Slikk.ai's Task Management serves as an invaluable startup project management tool, offering a comprehensive suite of features uniquely suited to the dynamic needs of emerging businesses. It enables startups to organise, prioritise, and track tasks efficiently, ensuring that critical activities are addressed promptly. With clear task assignments and effective time management capabilities, Slikk.ai helps startups make the most of their limited resources while fostering collaboration and transparent communication among team members. Furthermore, its scalability and cost-efficiency make it an ideal choice for startups aiming to grow and succeed in a competitive business landscape.

How can I use the Gantt chart tool in Task Management?

Using the Gantt chart tool in Slikk.ai's Task Management is a straightforward process. First, navigate to your project within the Task Management interface. Once you're in your project, you'll find an option to switch to the Gantt chart view. Click on this option to access the Gantt chart tool. Within the Gantt chart view, you can start creating and managing tasks effortlessly. Simply click on the timeline to add tasks, set their start and end dates, and define task dependencies by linking them. You can also allocate resources and monitor task progress with ease.