Discover how Slikk AI transforms design workflows with innovative features.

Our Clients

Illustration showing product feature

Holistic Design Harmony

Utilize Slikk's Pod feature to balance creativity with functionality, fostering a harmonious design approach.


35% Pod Collaboration Surge


22% Task Acceleration Gains


18% Project Outcome Improvement

Client Expectation Excellence

Achieve client satisfaction by leveraging Slikk's Project feature. Collaborate seamlessly to meet and exceed client expectations.


25% Satisfaction Enhancement


30% Effective Client Communication


 20% Project Outcome Rise

Illustration showing product feature
Illustration showing product feature

Trend-Ready Design Evolution

Stay updated with design trends and tools using Slikk's AI Employee Assistant. Keep your team trend-ready for evolving design landscapes.


20% Improved Trend Adaptation


25% Collaborative Trend Outputs


22% Faster Trend Adoption

Don't just take our word for it

Slikk is the solution that I found to be the best fit for how we work. It’s customizable enough for each person on the team to easily see the bigger picture and get things done.

- Bernard
CEO at MyRevealer

Slikk is an impressive online tool for managing projects, tasks, workloads, and more, automatically and dynamically scheduling work for your whole team, even as factors change.

- Himanshu Puri
COO at GrabGuidance

We use Slikk to increase our team’s efficiencies and track our projects in each stage of the marketing funnel. It’s been invaluable to track all of our work and conversations in one place.

- Mayank Singh
CEO at Supersourcing

One Platform to Boost Productivity and Collaboration

Slikk helps you get more tasks done in less time. It's everything you need to work faster, communicate better, and improve productivity in a single workspace.

Project Planning Design Made Easy with Slikk

In the world of project management, design is a critical component of success. With Slikk's comprehensive project management software, you can harness the full potential of design in your projects. Whether you're an architect, a product designer, or a project manager, Slikk is here to help you create, manage, and execute stunning designs that exceed expectations. Explore how Slikk can transform your design process and elevate your project management experience.

Get Faster Approvals and Feedback with Design Use Case

Proof all your design files within Slikk and share all the attachments with others. With Slikk you can invite guests and assign comments to exactly know what is required for your project design. Schedule meetings instantly for quick communication between the design teams so that everyone remains on the same page. Try Slikk today!

Create Your Next Design of Project With Slikk

Slikk’s design use case ensures the best usage of team resources. You can manage workload, divide tasks among members, work with clients, schedule meetings, organize work, and track time to align everything. Slikk stops you from wasting time on performing admin tasks and ensures that you reach your aim at a faster rate. Book your free trial today!

Best Design Project Management Tool To Get You Started

If your firm is hurled with too many design projects and you are running out of resources, then Slikk has your back. We know that it consumes a lot of time when you design a project from scratch. You integrate all types of tools to create your next design. Slikk has various design templates to get you started so that you can take up multiple projects. 


How will Slikk help me with design?

Slikk lets you take control of design work by prioritizing and standardizing requests once it starts coming in for your team. Slikk helps your design team achieve more efficiency by offering the right support your organization needs.

I want productivity and time-saving methods for my design team. Will Slikk help?

“Design” can be a mere word but it takes lots of permutations and combinations to make something appealing. Slikk understands this concern and reduces your workload with its design templates. Higher productivity with efficiency is guaranteed when you have Slikk.

My entire design process will be a complex structure. How will Slikk handle it?

Slikk is that machine that continuously strives to give better output every time, all the time. It is task management software that is built to simply break the complex structure of your project into smaller achievable tasks. Slikk helps you in every stage of designing. Book a free trial to know more.

What are the benefits of using the Kanban view for design projects?

The Kanban view offers several advantages, including improved task visualisation, easy task prioritisation, better collaboration among team members, and the ability to identify bottlenecks in your design workflow.