Better System For All Your Sales

Determine efficient sales processes with Slikk task management software. Your team gets more time to focus on engaging customers and winning fans for life. Create a picture of your progress with Slikk.

Our Clients

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A Better System For Sales Management


Slikk is the best sales crm platform that is easy to use and simple to set up


Get more visibility into your sales pipeline to increase your productivity


Slikk allows you to communicate efficiently with your clients and generate leads in sales


Slikk helps you close more deals and track sales by automating any repetitive work


Your sales customer relationship management improves when you use Slikk

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Funnel Sales for Better Lead Generation


Pipeline sales, edit deal stages, and add as many columns as you’d like


Monitoring sales is now easy with Slikk being your lead management system


Our reporting & analytics help you picture the sales management process to help you track sales


Create your sales strategy plan with Slikk and make your best practice your constant


Use our common project templates for better forecasting in sales and lead generation

Don't just take our word for it

Slikk is the solution that I found to be the best fit for how we work. It’s customizable enough for each person on the team to easily see the bigger picture and get things done.

- Bernard
CEO at MyRevealer

Slikk is an impressive online tool for managing projects, tasks, workloads, and more, automatically and dynamically scheduling work for your whole team, even as factors change.

- Himanshu Puri
COO at GrabGuidance

We use Slikk to increase our team’s efficiencies and track our projects in each stage of the marketing funnel. It’s been invaluable to track all of our work and conversations in one place.

- Mayank Singh
CEO at Supersourcing

One Platform to Boost Productivity and Collaboration

Slikk helps you get more tasks done in less time. It's everything you need to work faster, communicate better, and improve productivity in a single workspace.

Strategize Better with Slikk’s Sales Use Case

A busy schedule does not necessarily mean that you are occupied with important tasks. It is very much possible that you are wasting more time on things that are less important to your organization. Sales is one thing that involves a lot of backend work. This includes-

  • Compiling data
  • Understanding customer niche
  • Knowing the trend
  • Planning various campaigns
  • Creating sales reports and analytics
  • Answering emails

Slikk helps you automate and streamline low-value tasks to help you focus on the high-value ones. 

Streamlining Your Collaboration, Feedback, and Approvals With Sales 

Promoting teamwork and supporting diversity helps in succeeding in projects. However, without a system, work can be duplicated, errors can occur, and tasks can be missed. It is important to choose a task management tool that supports the gathering of feedback and processing the approvals so that any valuable information is preserved along with the tracking of records.

Our Sales Offers Instant Overview of Each Deal 

With just a single click you can quickly access all the information required to close the deals. You can easily view the contact list, contact details, the deals in progress, and the steps need to be taken to rectify any mistakes. Slikk’s sales ensure you reach your customers on time to keep up with the competitive industry. 

Slikk’s Dashboard Offers Better Visibility To Improve Sales CRM

Slikk has a customizable dashboard where you can easily build dashboards in real-time. Of course, we have professionals to help you but the entire procedure is simple. You can gain insights into the expected revenue, team performance, and where your deal stands. Improve leads in sales and ensure maximum return with Slikk. Generating sales has never been so easy! Book your free trial now!


How is Slikk’s sales different?

Slikk helps you break down all your silos that stall sales. This ensures that your sales team gets the required information to respond to customer requests as quickly as possible. This makes Slikk the best task management software.

Does Slikk have all the pre-requisites for sales?

Slikk lets you close deals and successfully onboard customers much faster. Our task management software allows you to set up common project templates to never let you start from scratch. Slikk surely has the pre-requisites for sales.

How will I know the progress of sales?

Slikk offers a clear picture of sales progress in minutes. Show where your work stands with visual highlights and charts. This enables you to quickly customise and share updates.Slikk offers robust features that allow you to stay informed and make data-driven decisions. You can schedule team meetings with your sales team regularly to review sales targets, pipeline updates, and individual performance.

How does Gantt chart help with sales forecasting?

The Gantt view aids in sales forecasting by providing a visual representation of upcoming sales activities and their expected timelines. This enables more accurate predictions of when deals are likely to close, helping Sales teams make informed decisions and set realistic targets.